National Concession Company

Frequently Ask Questions

National Concession Company owns all event concession equipment. National Concession Company will provide a Support Manual for you to fill out and return. The manual asks for a list of important event staff contacts and their duties, event sponsors, suppliers, and general event, lodging, logistics, and supply information. Our approach is to work with your event staff in team cooperation to eliminate the planning burdens of concessions.

National Concession Company requires one potable wash water source. If the event runs into evening hours, arrangements will be made for power for National Concession Company lighting. National Concession Company will apply for all applicable licenses and permits. All of our locations and storage vehicles are fully self-contained, requiring no utilities.

National Concession Company features popular stadium fare with ample variety of specialty fare interspersed throughout the concession area(s). Stadium fare includes popular staples such as hot dogs, nachos, gyros, wraps, hamburgers, french fries, chicken and steak sandwiches, sausages, and a full line of soft drinks, bottled water, sport drinks, energy drinks and beer and alcoholic beverages (when required). Regional theme menus such as BBQ, Caribbean, Mexican, Oriental, Vegetarian, Cajun, and Deep Fried items are supplied by utilizing professional local and national vendors. The use of concession carts and kiosks fill in those pocket spectator areas. Bottled and canned beverages, ice cream, fresh lemonade, jumbo pretzels are among the many items available at these important sales points. National Concession Company can also provide full food and beverage access and vending services for those events with large grandstand, box or VIP seating areas.

It is important for events to keep the local flavor of the event and the proven method of promoting goodwill is allowing local civic groups and non-profit organizations to use the event as a fund-raising tool. Event planners generally appoint a concession labor coordinator to build this concession labor base from these fund-raising organizations. The concession labor coordinator should consult the outline in the Labor Support Manual when recruiting local civic organizations. On some occasions, National Concession Company can recruit organizations for concession fund-raising. However, we require listings of non-profits and civic organizations in the local event area. All non-profit organizations participating in concessions should be compensated with a percentage of the gross concession sales.

All site visits will be judged on an as-needed basis. National Concession Company will do all advance planning from our Cleveland, Ohio headquarters. National Concession Company generally arrives the week prior to your event to finalize logistics with your site coordinator and to begin setting up the general concession areas.

National Concession Company will provide an event a financial package that will generate you the highest concession revenue return in the industry. National Concession Company can pay a generous flat fee for exclusive concession rights or pay a percentage of gross receipts. All revenue is documented in a detailed concession report available immediately after the event. Additional after-action reports such as soft drink and beer usages are available for sponsor and audit purposes. It’s common knowledge that our audit track is the most accurate and honest in the industry.

Answer: Other than food and beverage, we offer many other services including our souvenirs and novelties, box seating programs, beer gardens as well as catered Flight Line Club. We also help create a link for your website for customers to purchase tickets.